Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Creating good habits

They say it takes 2 weeks to create a habit. 2 weeks, that's really not that long! 

And so far, I agree. 

It's like setting an appointment, if you plan on going to that fitness class, put it on your calendar and go. I meet with friends and have been putting it on my calendar in my phone so I do not plan something else over that time/day. Making those exercise "appointments" FIRST priority! 

I've been eating pretty good. I had an indulgent Sunday, but even then I wasn't eating until I was stuffed and uncomfortable. I have been juicing, eating a lot of fruits and veggies and just watching my portions. I do not need 3 pieces of garlic bread with my spaghetti, and just because I kicked my own ass at the gym does not mean I should eat whatever I want. I want to see results and that just won't get me to where I want to be! 

I'm soooooo sore! Sometimes I don't even realize how sore I start lifting, then I'm like, "Oh yeah, my thighs hate me still." Haha. It feels good though. That means I have actually worked out frequent enough to still be a little sore from the last time I worked out that muscle. 

I'm feeling good. Overall, my energy is up! And I'm not craving junk, or feeling deprived which is good because that can lead to binge eating and I don't want that! 

Friday, I am going on a road trip. That is the hardest for me, the drive and the snacking, and eating out for every single meal. I'm going to plan out my snacks for the drive: jerky, fruit, nuts, water. Keep track of everything in MyFitnessPal app and workout in the hotel gym :) Aaaaaand plan ahead, if we eat out at a restaurant look up lower calorie meals on the menu. No appetizers. No bread basket. 

Ok, I got this. Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

One Day at a Time

Today I weigh 168.8 lbs. I started just a week ago at 172. I'm going to take that as a win :)

I've been juicing for breakfast.

---> 1 Apple, 1/2 lemon, 1 kiwi, 1 handful kale, 2-3 celery stalks and 1 one inch piece of ginger. That's my fave. Try it. It's loaded with nutrients and it's a great start to the day!

I also got my kids into it, and they are becoming more adventurous! My daughter made one that was 1 large carrot, 1 Apple, 1 lime and 2 celery stalks. It was delish! They get excited to juice before school, teaching good habits!

I've been making time for workouts.

Every. Single. Day.

I'm going to the gym as often as I can. Doing a cardio machine and/or circuit training. Throw in some random kettleball workouts. Squats, lunges, bridges, ab work. On my sore days, instead of taking that day off, I've been walking laps, taking it easy but still doing something active.

I'm making gym dates with friends.

It just helps me stick to my commitment to go to the gym if I am meeting someone. I have a couple friends I meet up with throughout the week, and it's nice to catch up and also push each other. When I'm done, my friend says one more lap. And we try new things. I hate cardio, and one friend is intimidated by weights. We did both in the same day, a win for each of us!

I'm eating at home.

Besides saving myself a shitload of money, I'm saving myself the extra calories that always come with restaurant food or fast food. And I know exactly what is going in my body since I fixed it! 

And, my food isn't going to waste. Sometimes I would buy all the food for a week's menu plan and then decide last minute I didn't feel like cooking or whatever, and by the end of that week have to throw out veggies that never got used for the intended recipe. Super wasteful, and unnecessary. 

I'm drinking lots & lots of water.

It's been quite awhile since I gave up soda for water. It was a pain in the ass and took awhile cuz I was so used to flavored everything. But it's been well over a year now of drinking just plain ol' non flavored h2o, I would say at least 95% of the time. I have this big ol cup and it's awesome! It makes tracking my water intake soooo much easier, I love it! 

This awesome cup is by hydr-8, which I purchased here:

And so there you have it, that's what I've been doing recently and I am feeling great and energy is up! I can't wait to lose a little more weight so I can start to SEE the difference, feeling it is great but seeing definitely helps keep me motivated ;) 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cauliflower pizza crust - freezer meal planning

I love cauliflower pizza crust. When I'm craving pizza I can have this without the after guilt of consuming 1800 calories that usually comes with pizza night. 

So this time I made 4 crusts and froze them. Yes! Pizza whenever I want! Which is often so these probably won't be in the freezer for too long. 

Ok for my 4 crusts I used: 

2 cups italian cheese
4 eggs
2 head of cauliflower 
2 tsp minced garlic
2 tbsp parsley
Salt and pepper 

Preheat oven to 450 degrees F

In the food processor, chop up the cauliflower. Like, rice size, it's gotta be small.

Put chopped cauliflower in steamer and steam for about 8 minutes. 

While it's steaming, combine the cheese, eggs, parsley, garlic and salt and pepper 

Pour cauliflower into a cheese cloth or clean dish towel. Now squeeze the crap out of it. You gotta get as much water out as you can and cauli holds a lot of h2o! 

Now, mix the cauli with the egg and cheese mixture. Mix it up real good. 

Now I should have done this on tin foil but I messed up. Don't be like me, use the tin foil. Line the cookie sheets with that tin foil so the dang crusts don't stick. 

Now just separate the mix into 4 and shape your pizzas. Press them nice and thin. After I did this, I used paper towels and pressed onto the pizzas to absorb more water.

Place in oven and bake for 15 minutes til golden brown around edges.

Remove and allow to cool.

Now just wrap them puppies in tin foil separately and place flat in the freezer! 

Now when you feel like pizza, just pull on of them bad boys out, top with whatever you like on pizza and cook at 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes.

Meal planning, like a boss!


Turkey for dinner and it's not thanksgiving

Well, this is my dinner for this evening - turkey breast, baked sweet potato, carrots and salad. It was oh so good. 

I know, you are wondering, turkey? It's not Christmas or Thanksgiving. I just felt like having turkey, and BONUS, I get leftover turkey sammiches tomorrow for lunch. Score! 

I made my turkey breast in the crock pot and it was so simple. All you need is 

2-3 lb turkey breast
2 cans chicken brother
2 tsp poultry seasoning
2 tbsp butter

Rub the seasoning all over both sides of the boob, I mean, breast. 

Place in crockpot and pour the chicken broth over.

Cook on low 5 hours, then turn over and cook one more hour.

Rub the butter on the turkey. Pop the breast in the broiler for just a couple minutes (I did 2) to crisp it a little. 


Friday, January 2, 2015

First Day of 2015, and I worked out!

Yes, that's right, you heard me. I burned 800 calories today instead of bumming on the couch watching movies. Besides, I can easily fit both into the same day, so why not just get the workout done and out of the way?!

I was a sweaty mess, my back was soaked and I was tomato red. Obvious I was the newbie in the gym, I'm sure all the regulars were secretly rolling their eyes wondering how long I'll last before I'm another one that disappears from the gym until next New Year rolls around. But I'm not letting that happen! 

I'm also taking part in a booty challenge, you know those challenges where you do so many squats and (hopefully) by day thirty have an amazingly toned tushy? Ok ok. I know that won't happen lol but it's a good start! 

How are you doing so far this year?