Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Creating good habits

They say it takes 2 weeks to create a habit. 2 weeks, that's really not that long! 

And so far, I agree. 

It's like setting an appointment, if you plan on going to that fitness class, put it on your calendar and go. I meet with friends and have been putting it on my calendar in my phone so I do not plan something else over that time/day. Making those exercise "appointments" FIRST priority! 

I've been eating pretty good. I had an indulgent Sunday, but even then I wasn't eating until I was stuffed and uncomfortable. I have been juicing, eating a lot of fruits and veggies and just watching my portions. I do not need 3 pieces of garlic bread with my spaghetti, and just because I kicked my own ass at the gym does not mean I should eat whatever I want. I want to see results and that just won't get me to where I want to be! 

I'm soooooo sore! Sometimes I don't even realize how sore I start lifting, then I'm like, "Oh yeah, my thighs hate me still." Haha. It feels good though. That means I have actually worked out frequent enough to still be a little sore from the last time I worked out that muscle. 

I'm feeling good. Overall, my energy is up! And I'm not craving junk, or feeling deprived which is good because that can lead to binge eating and I don't want that! 

Friday, I am going on a road trip. That is the hardest for me, the drive and the snacking, and eating out for every single meal. I'm going to plan out my snacks for the drive: jerky, fruit, nuts, water. Keep track of everything in MyFitnessPal app and workout in the hotel gym :) Aaaaaand plan ahead, if we eat out at a restaurant look up lower calorie meals on the menu. No appetizers. No bread basket. 

Ok, I got this. Wish me luck!!

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